Mark Nielson, MD

Dr. Nielson, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, has been a Hoosier transplant since 1998. He is double board-certified in anesthesia and pain management. He has spent his career teaching residents and fellow physicians regional anesthesia for acute pain management. He is now turning his expertise towards chronic pain. He strives to meet each client where they are – working together to find the most effective and advanced solutions the field has to offer including techniques such as ketamine infusions, spinal cord injections, spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal pumps. Dr. Nielson enjoys biking, golfing, and racquetball.

Board-Certified: American Board of Anesthesiology

Fellowship: Pain Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

Residency: Anesthesiology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

Doctor of Medicine: Indiana University of School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

Member: American Society of Anesthesiologists, Indiana State Medical Association, Indiana Society of Anesthesia, and American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

"I chose pain management to help my patients live the best life they possibly can. Pain can be debilitating and effects people not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Having helped patients for many years with post-surgical pain, I felt an obligation to apply my knowledge to help people suffering from chronic pain. I vow to provide the most advanced and innovative techniques to treat not only the body but also the mind. In this way patients can live their best life. I want to help patients better their lives and have the opportunity to be a part of their improvement journey."